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American Bonanza Society (ABS) Service Clinic June 18-21

Posted by Chris McPherson on June 17, 2015

Air Wilmington is proud to host the June 18-21 American Bonanza Society Service Clinic.  The Bonanza/Debonair/ Baron/Travel Air Service Clinic Program was established in 1977. It was created to provide members of ABS an opportunity to have their airplanes inspected by the foremost experts in the aviation community. In a sense, the Service Clinics have replaced the Beech Field Service Clinics which were discontinued many years ago. The objective is to detect any service problems that may be left over after a periodic inspection in a service shop, or to validate that the inspection report the airplane received from the shop was accurate and complete. The basic concept is to offer a comprehensive, highly structured initial visual inspection of the airplane.  The Service Clinic program is, in effect, a “second opinion” service conducted by recognized Beechcraft experts.